Dairy products are an important part of everyone’s diet and an easy way to received many essential nutrients you need each day. As dairy princesses and promoters we strive to inform the public on the necessity of consuming dairy on a regular basis. We do this in a variety of different ways depending on the age and the group of consumers we are talking to.

Dairy Princesses have been selected across Pennsylvania to serve as a spokeswomen for the local dairy industry on its milk story and its products. The opportunities to speak up for the dairy industry are endless with speaking engagements with farm and non-farm audiences alike. They will talk on the radio, write newspaper articles and prepare dairy recipes. They will answer questions of school children and reminiscence with senior citizens about farming fifty years ago. They will talk with consumers at the point of purchase in stores and malls. Dairy promotion has endless areas that can be tapped to spread the word.

These talented young women join together with their alternates and junior representatives numbering a total of 237 working with 42 county committees to work across the state on a local level, regional and state level to deliver the dairy message to the public – Pennsylvania’s Official Beverage – MILK – contains 9 essential nutrients that helps to keep the body healthy! 
To communicate the importance of the dairy industry and its products to the economic well-being of our state’s economy.
To remind consumers to get 3-Every-Day™ of Dairy for Stronger Bones!

Please feel free to explore our site more and find out what a dairy princess is and who your local princess may be. If you would like a princess to speak at an event or school please contact your local committee or the state office.