The Volunteers Behind the Crown

Behind every successful promotion team, there is a county promotion committee. The volunteer dairy princess committee is essential to the success of the grassroots dairy promotion program. They plan promotions, drive county royalty from event to event, provide support and assist young women in sharing the dairy story.

Since 2012, PDPPS has recognized outstanding county dairy princess committee members who have reached at least 15 years of service. These individuals have spent countless hours in dairy promotion. Thank you for making a difference in young lives all while promoting the dairy industry and its foods!

Congratulations to the following volunteers for their dedicated service.

Diane Hoover, Lebanon county: 31 Years

Peggy Empet, Susquehanna county: 25 Years

Rebecca Sonnen-Bube, Lancaster county: 18 Years

Heather Myers, York county: 18 Years

Christine Waddell, Crawford county: 17 Years

Rebecca Ashley, Lancaster county: 17 Years

Virginia Rank, Lancaster county: 17 Years

Dale Smith, Lancaster county: 16 Years

Elizabeth Ackerman, Lancaster county: 15 Years

Sherry Bashore, Lebanon county: 15 Years