Our state royalty team, as well as county dairy princesses are available for appearances to represent the dairy industry and speak with the public about dairy farming and dairy foods.

Our princesses are available to share a milk toast at your dinner, serve a milk punch at your reception, share an informative speech or presentation or other opportunities to help spread the message of dairy. Book a promotion today!


Jenna Harnish of Bradford County reads a book to an elementary class during a school promotion.

Each year County Princesses assist with Milkshakes in June at Soldiers Field at the State Capitol. 

Past York County princess, Nicole Guise at an elementary school promotion.

Huntingdon County royalty distribute milk punch and cheese at a local promotion. 

Kelsey Potter, Franklin County Alternate Princess plays jeopardy with a youngster at a local farm event. 

Tioga County Dairy Royalty and others build an ice cream sundae. 

Haley Dombrowski-Little, Erie County Dairy Princess shares her baby calf with little ones at a local promotion. 

Bradford County Alternates take time to enjoy a milkshake.