Our Volunteers

Past State Royalty

Our Sponsors

Tina M. Shultz Memorial Award

Our volunteers, princesses, past state dairy royalty and sponsors are the foundation of our organization. We honor their commitment through various special recognitions.

We are very thankful for our generous sponsors as they provide the lifeline to the operations of promoting the dairy message throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Our sponsors also help us to provide special awards to those committed to promoting the dairy industry.

Our volunteers are essential at the county and state level in fulfilling our mission. Since 2012, we have recognized outstanding county committee members who have served at least 15 years of service.

During our annual state pageant, we honor girls with a variety of awards, from speech winners to outstanding scrapbook winners. The highest honor a county dairy princess can receive is the Tina M. Shultz award, named in honor of the 1985-86 Huntingdon county dairy princess, Tina Marie Shultz.

The efforts and dedication of our past and present state royalty continues to strengthen our program and impact young ladies to grow personally and professionally as they represent the dairy industry.