2019 Farm Show Kick Off – Fill-A-Glass With Hope – Dave Smith, Samantha Haag and Kara Stultz.

2019 Farm Show – Anna Brubaker – Perry County and Brooke Emery PA Dairy Princess.

2018 Ag Progress Days – Sullivan County Dairy Ambassador – Noah.

2018-2019 Cumberland County Dairy Princess, Kirsten Cohick helping at the 2019 Farm Show.

Jefferson participated in taking a “Thank You” Goodie bag to a local farmer.

Bedford County raised money from their ice cream stand to give milk back to their local community.

Emma Loch – Wyoming – Lackawanna participated in the All American Dairy Show

2018-2019 State Royalty Team (Brooke Emery, Samantha Haag and Kara Stultz talks to a consumer at the PA Farm Bureau Health Convention).

Jenna Harnish, Bradford County Princess reads a story to a class during a school promotion.

Dairy Princesses assist with Milkshakes in June at Soldiers Field at the State’s Capitol.

Past York County princess, Nicole Guise at an elementary school promotion.

Huntingdon County Royalty provide cheese and milk punch at a local promotion.

Erie County Dairy Princess, Haley Dombrowski-Little shares about her baby calf.

Tioga County Royalty and others create an ice cream sundae. 

Bradford Alternate Princesses take time to enjoy a milkshake.

Kelsey Potter, Franklin County Alternate Dairy Princess plays jeopardy with a youngster at an event.