“Once a Princess, Always a Promoter” is the well-known saying within Pennsylvania Dairy Princess and Promotion Services. We are incredibly thankful for the young ladies who dedicate an entire year to not only their county reign, but serving on the state team. It takes an entire team of young individuals from across the entire state of Pennsylvania to share the dairy story. Here’s a few faces from over the years.

2016 State Royalty Team

l-r: Brittany Haag Snyder, Halee Wasson, Katie Anderson Waite.

2012 State Royalty Team

l-r: Callie Curley, Maria Jo Noble, Heather Wasson.

2009 State Royalty Team

l-r: Crystal Hitz, Krystal Wasson, Karla Stoltzfuz

2008 State Royalty Team

l-r: Nicole Wasson Dreibelbis, LeeAnn Kapanick, Abigail Trotter.

2006 State Royalty Team

l-r: Katie Waddell, Sarah Caldwell Klever, Vanessa Wbersole Wiand

2005 State Royalty Team

l-r: Sarah Wickard Meyers, Amy Hartle Phillips, Kelly Over Lowery.

2003 State Royalty Team

l-r: Pamela Werley Shealer, Carla Martin, Emily Grove Meyers.

2000 Pa. State Dairy Princess

Melinda Wolfe Criswell, with long-time PDPPS supporter and PA Holstein Executive Director, Ken Raney and his wife, Beth.

2000 State Royalty Team

l-r: Heidi Miller Zimmerman, Emily Cloninger Zimmerman, Melinda Wolfe Criswell.

1999 State Royalty Team

l-r: Amanda Gilkinson Farrell, Lori Connelly Shippley, Rebecca Kilgore Levinson.

1997 State Royalty Team

l-r: Merideth Weidrspahn Riddle, Angela Werley Davis, Lisa Fitch Driscoll.

1997 Dairy Maids attend the mini-seminar training

1994 Top Seven Finalists

1993 Top Seven Finalists

Junior Representatives

Junior representaives gather for the 2000 mini-seminar training.

1993 State Royalty Team

l-r: Jennifer Grimes Mayer, Amy Mearkle, Marci Harbish Dodd.

1991 State Royalty Team

l-r: Tanya Martin Baldwin, Robin Wilbur Huizinga, Onalee Smith Hall.

1984 Dairy Princess Pageant