Junior Representative Program

The Junior Representative program is a complementary program functioning within a county to assist the dairy princess in carrying out her duties and to educate and train future princess candidates and promoters. Or, it is a program which functions in its own right, when there is no princess, to train future candidates and to provide young persons to help, when needed, with county dairy promotion activities. This program was started in the 1990s and now enlists not only young women, but young men as well. These young people are willing and able to promote an industry in which they believe in.

These young people were trained in the what, why and how’s of dairy promotion at a one-day “Mini-Seminar” and will serve their local areas whenever needed. Many of them will subsequently become THE county royalty in future years. The program provides an opportunity to instill in these young people at an early age an awareness of the importance of Pennsylvania’s dairy industry and the need to promote its products.

Junior Representatives Attending The
2016 Mini-Seminars  

2016-2017 Dairy Maids - Western Mini-Seminar

First Row (L to R):
Morgan Larson, Erie County; Hope Goldscheitter, Butler County; Ashley Riley,
Mercer County; Callie Whiting, Lawrence County; Kaitlin Sleeman, Warren County; Hannah Nickerson, Warren County

Second Row (L to R):
Zoe Rankin, Clarion County; Kylie Lusk, Washington County; Katheryn Longenecker, Blair County; Mackenzie Simpson, Washington County; Emily Speer, Lawrence County; Rebekah Leise, Mercer County

Third Row (L to R):
Trisha Poorbaugh, Fayette County; Elizabeth Frederick, Blair County;
Jocelynn McMurray, Washington County; Maggie Rasp, Butler County;
Trudy Diamond, Fayette County; Riley Obradovich, Fayette County;
Hannah Sturgin, Mercer; Elizabeth Lucks, Warren County;
Abbie Cerciello, Washington County

2016-2017  Dairy Ambassadors - Western Mini-Seminar

(L to R):
Jessica New, Cambria County; Rachel Welch, Mercer County;
Yvonne Longenecker, Blair County; Alice Hoover, Cambria County

2016-2017 Little Dairy Miss & Dairy Miss - Western Mini-Seminar

First Row (L to R):
Hanna Henry, Clarion/Venango County; Dakota McCullough, Washington County;
Anna Longenecker, Blair County; Madison Johnson, Clarion/Venango County;
Gabriella Braddock, Erie County

Second Row (L to R):
Faith Fischer, Washington County; Megan Braswell, Warren County;
Caitlin McCullough, Washington County; Sarah Mosbacher, Crawford County;
Maggie Bowser, Butler County; Morgan Teets, Butler County

Third Row (L to R):
Kaylee Knapp, Clarion/Venango County; Karissa Petruso, Crawford County;
Emma Bowser, Butler County; Allie Champluier, Clarion/Venango County;
Madison Davis, Fayette County; Lacey Mosbacher, Crawford County;
Erica Teagarden, Washington County

2016-2017 County Dairy Maids - Eastern Mini-Seminar

First Row, (L to R):
Shelby Smeltzer, York County; Gretchen Little, Centre County; Michelle Stewart, Juniata County; Mikara Anderson, Huntingdon County; Katelyn Farley, Susquehanna County; Courtney Marvin, Susquehanna County; Ali Bube, Lancaster County; Abbey Wolfe, Centre County; DeAnna Hearn, Lycoming County

Second Row (L to R):
Katelyn Andrus, Bradford County; Tabitha Hauck, SUN Area; Jordan Taylor, Juniata County; Camryn Moyer, Tioga County; Coryn McClain, Potter/McKean County; Abby Wurzback, York County; Lily Stenning, Bedford County

Third Row (L to R):
Tori Fitzwater, Bradford County; Katerina Coffman, Huntingdon County; Shelby Alexander, Tioga County; Kiley Cassell, Perry County; Alyssa Reese, Potter/McKean County; Marissa Silvano, Bucks County; Shaelynn Mosher, Tioga County; Sarah Wright, Bucks County

2016-2017 Little Dairy Miss/Dairy Darling - Eastern Mini-Seminar

First Row (L to R):
Addison Nolen, Lebanon County; Josie Ackerman, Lancaster County;
Brooke Smeltzer, York County; Savannah Kio, Potter/McKean County

Back Row (L to R):
Lilly Smith, York County; Mildred Koishal, Perry County; Jordyn Wetzel, Lancaster County; Chelsie Bomgardner, Lebanon County

2016-2017 Little Dairy Miss/Dairy Miss - Eastern Mini-Seminar

First Row, (L to R):
Jesslyn Risser, Lebanon County; Olivia Hartman, Franklin County;
Athens Adams, Perry County; Alexis Risser, Potter/McKean County

Second Row (L to R):
Reagan Smith, York County; Evelyn Ackerman, Lancaster County;
Makayla Hardy, York County; Isabella Hazelton, Tioga County;
Nevaeh Kio, Potter/McKean County; Alivia Auker, Juniata County;
Coriana Bomgardner, Lebanon County

Third Row (L to R):
Ayla Hileman, Blair County; Emma O’Toole, Perry County; Darcy Heltzel, Blair County; Katelyn Taylor, Lycoming County; Olivia Smith, Tioga County;
Valerie Mummau, Juniata County

2016-2017 Dairy Miss - Eastern Mini-Seminar

First Row (L to R):
Shelly Bliss, Huntington County; Riley Thompson, Potter/McKean County;
Tahlea Spencer, Tioga County; Megan Bomgardner, Lebanon County;
Isabelle Anderson, Blair County; Danielle Heltzel, Blair County

Second Row (L to R):
Kelly Bliss, Huntingdon County; Esther Bishop, Tioga County; Olivia Knab, Blair County, Chloe Bomgardner, Lebanon County; Madison Smeltzer, York County

Third Row (L to R):
Jessica Fleisher, Perry County; Julia Mummau, Juniata County;
Crystal Bomgardner, Lebanon County; Ruth O’Keeffe, Bucks County;
Paige Kerlin, Juniata County; Mackenzie Coffman, Huntingdon County

2016-2017 County Dairy Princesses - Eastern Mini-Seminar

First Row (L to R):
Amy Fogelsanger, Cumberland County; Katrina Bliss- Huntingdon County Alternate;
Sara Howell, Perry County

Second Row (L to R):
Halee Wasson, Centre County; Katie Anderson, Huntingdon County;
Hanna Welk, Lancaster County; Mary Wurzbach, York County Alternate

2016-2017 Dairy Ambassador - Eastern Mini-Seminar

First Row (L to R):
Evan Fleisher, Perry County; Dana Nunemacher, Susquehanna County;
Elizabeth Chidester, Susquehanna County; Krista Jones, Susquehanna County

Second Row (L to R):
Sadie Wurzbach, York County; Mary Chidester, Susquehanna County;
Alivia Hughes, Susquehanna County; Thecia Spencer, Tioga County;
Mikayla Davis, Berks County

Third Row (L to R):
Josephine Hughes, Franklin County; Madison Weaver, Lancaster County;
Jenna Wetzel, Lancaster County; Courtney Wilcox, Bradford County;
Kelly Foose, Lancaster County